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HMH Tube Fly Vice adapter

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Salmon Tube Flies

New salmon tube flies dressed on Grays Needle Tubes

Grays Needle Tubes

Ultra slim stainless steel fly tying tubes

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Sea Trout Fishing

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Salmon Recipes

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HMH Tube Fly Starter Tool


We now stock the superb HMH Tube Fly Vise adapter, shown below, which can hold a wide variety of fly tying tubes, including Grays Needle tubes.

For full details, see Tube Fly Vice


HMH Tube Fly Tool

Note: Gray's Needle Tube Vice (described below) is no longer available but I have left this page for those who may wish to have a go at making their own tube vice. The essential component is a pin vice of suitable size, widely available on the internet.

Needle Tube Fly Vice

A fly tying vice (vise) for very fine needle tubes

Gray's Needle Tubes were introduced in 2008. Developed and manufactured in Scotland by Grays of Kilsyth, our needle tubes are the slimmest plastic lined metal fly tubes ever produced for fly tying. Their introduction has posed a slight problem however .... most tube fly vices are not designed to hold such very slim fly tubes, with diameters as small as 1.5 mm. So we decided to produce a dedicated Needle Tube Fly Vice (Vise), which might be conveniently fitted to most standard fly tying table clamps or bases, to facilitate the dressing of tube flies on our needle tubes. The Needle Tube Vice, designed for us by Dave Wallbridge, will hold both sizes of needle tube - outside diameters 1.5mm and 1.8mm - and may be rotated through 360 degrees

(see below)

Grays Needle Tube Vice

click images to enlarge

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine Review

In his recent review of August 2011, Magnus Angus thought Gray's Needle Tube Vice

“an utterly practical solution to the problem of holding a slim tube in position while I tie on it  ....  I like that long stem; allows me to set the tube at a decent height. I like the distance between the stem and the jaws; not much chance of the bobbin-holder bumping the stem. I like that the tube is held at the tail; nothing clutters the head so I can work as neatly as I like."

Read the full Needle Tube and Vice Review


Using The Needle Tube Vice (Vise)

Grays Needle Tube Vice is shown below fitted to a standard fly tying vice table clamp.

Please note that no table clamp or weighted base is supplied with the Needle Tube Vise. The 8mm diameter stainless steel shaft supplied should, however, fit most fly tying vice table clamps (as shown in the photograph) and bases. Tyers should ensure that they have a compatible table clamp or weighted base before buying our Needle Tube Vice.

Grays Needle Tube Vice
360˚ Rotation
The thumbscrew on the top of the needle tube vice can be loosened, and re-tightened, at any time during the dressing of the tube fly to allow 360 degree rotation of the vice head, while keeping the tube fixed in the vice. This operation may be completed with one hand, as shown.
Rotating Needle Tube Vice
Loosen the thumbscrew securing the vice head rotate vice head and set at the desired angle

Tying a Needle Tube Fly

A very simple example of a Needle Tube Fly is shown. The fly dressing may be varied to taste, quarry and circumstance.
A 1.5mm stainless steel needle tube fitted securely in the needle tube vice ready for dressing. To secure the needle tube, simply open the vice jaws by turning the vice head towards you, insert a needle tube of your choice and tighten.
Needle Tube in Needle Tube Vice
Tie in a bunch of white Arctic Fox hair on one side of the needle tube
Tying a Needle Tube Fly
Loosen the thumbscrew enough to allow the vice head to be rotated
Rotating the Needle Tube Vice
Rotate the vice head to the desired angle and retighten the thumbscrew
Rotating the vice head
With the white hair now on the underside of the needle tube, tie in a bunch of yellow Arctic Fox hair on top and a few strands of Krystal Flash
Tying the needle tube fly - step by step
Tie in a bunch of black Arctic Fox Hair
The Needle Tube Fly - step by step
Trim, form a neat head and apply two coats of Cellire No 1 varnish
The finished needle tube fly
Add a short length of clear silicone tubing to the rear and a hook of choice
A Simple Needle Tube Fly

see also Gray's Needle Tubes

Needle Tube Fly

A pair of simply dressed needle tube flies intended for sea trout night fishing


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