Needle Fly Kit


A needle fly kit for tying needle flies. The kit does not include tying materials.


A kit for tying needle flies, comprising needle, hooks and tubing.

NOTE: This kit is for making Needle Flies (i.e. flies dressed on sewing needles) – NOT Needle Tube Flies. The Needle Fly was devised in the late nineteen nineties and precedes the more recently developed┬áneedle tubes as shown elsewhere throughout this shop.

The Needle Fly was devised by John Gray, as a slim and lightweight alternative to tube flies and Waddingtons, for late night sea trout fishing on the River Earn in Perthshire. It also proved effective for salmon.

This kit has been put together for those who would like to tie their own Needle Flies but might find some of the components ( such as PVC tubing) not readily available. It does not include fly tying tools or standard fly tying materials. This kit should be purchased and handled only by adults with some experience of fly tying. Included in the kit are two Needle Flies tied by John Gray.

For more information and photographs see The Needle Fly Kit

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