Ally’s Shrimps and Cascades


A box of 20 Ally’s Shrimp and Cascade salmon doubles


A boxed selection of salmon flies, tied on high quality double hooks in the long tailed shrimp style in sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12. These patterns are among the most popular and effective of our modern salmon flies. They include the famous patterns devised by Ally Gowans – Ally’s Shrimp and the Cascade Shrimp in silver and gold. Also included are the Magus and Black Boar, which have proven their worth in recent seasons.

Each fly selection offers practical variety for use throughout the salmon fishing season, in a good range of colours and sizes.  The smaller, darker patterns will, in general, be of most use in low, clear or warm water conditions while the larger, brighter patterns will come into their own in high, cold or coloured water.

Boxed selection of Ally's Shrimps and Cascades
                                            Ally’s Shrimp and Cascade Salmon Fly Selection

All five patterns are dressed on Fulling Mill black nickel double hooks in four sizes – 6, 8, 10 and 12 – to create a salmon fly selection which will meet most conditions of water and weather likely to be encountered on salmon rivers from late Spring to Autumn.

Each selection of salmon flies is presented in a durable and practical plastic fly box.

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