Spey Shrimp Tube Flies
A boxed selection of twelve Spey Shrimp Salmon Needle Tube Flies

Spey Shrimp Tube Flies (hooks not included)


A boxed selection of one dozen Spey Shrimp salmon needle tube flies

A selection of twelve Spey Shrimp salmon tube flies, comprising two of each of six patterns, dressed on 15 mm Grays Needle Tubes and supplied in a superb Myran tube fly box complete with extension tubing.

Note: Hooks are not supplied with this selection. Customers should add their own choice of hook - single, double or treble.

Spey Shrimp Tube Flies (double hooks included)


Boxed selection of one dozen Spey Shrimp tube flies in Myran box complete with 12 Fulling Mill tube fly double hooks.

For those who require hooks with the tube flies, the above selection of Spey Shrimps is available complete with 12 Fulling Mill double hooks.